What We Believe - NO COMPROMISE

  • Vision and mission statement

    Our Vision: It is our vision to become a full-service, disciple-making church by enhancing the spiritual quality of life and by lifting the whole man toward becoming a disciple of Christ.

    Our Mission: Our mission is to win the lost, build the Believer and equip the worker through cultivating, planting and harvesting. So as to make disciples, who can make disciples, so that we can exalt Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior through worship, prayer, Christian Education, Christian Evangelism, Christian Edification, Christian Missions and Christian Fellowship.

    Our Purpose: The reclamation of souls of the Kingdom of God. To give a visible form to faith and fellowship. Acknowledge that we are a local manifestation of the universal church. To be concerned with the moral and spiritual improvement of its disciples. The welfare of its disciples, the poor and less fortunate of the church. To be concerned with home and foreign mission. To building up leadership that is able to support and carry out the vision and mission of the church.

    Our Challenge: Our challenge is to move from membership to discipleship, then from discipleship to His Lordship and under His Lordship operate under a Kingdom agenda.

  • Church History

    On May 7, 1965, The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church was organized by the grace of God and under the leadership of Rev. Joshua Webster Green.