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    Diaconate Ministry Mission Statement

    The Ministry shall in every way assist the Pastor in his work, consider with him all applicants for church membership, and all request for letters for dismission; cooperating with the Pastor in the prayer meeting, visit the members, care for the sick, needy and distressed members of the church, using such benevolence funds as may be needed.

    The Ministry shall be responsible for preparing for the baptismal services, the Lord's Supper along with the Deaconesses; the Deacons are not to neglect their duties as leader of the devotional service as well as the three tables: The Table of the Poor, The Table of the Lord's Supper and the Pastoral table.

    Deacons Ministry - 2020
    Deacon Michael Good, Chairman
    Deacon Henry Howard, Vice-Chairman
    Deacon John Alston, Recording Secretary
    Deacon Robert Dunlap, Financial Secretary
    Deacon Kenneth French
    Deacon Steven Smith
    Deacon Larry Burwell
    Deacon Eric W. Burke

    Deaconess Ministry - 2020
    Deaconess Ruth Howard, President
    Deaconess Edna Morgan-Alston, Vice President
    Deaconess Beverly Bankston, Secretary
    Deaconess Cynthia Lynch, Treasurer
    Mother Charlie Foster
    Deaconess Patrice Burwell
    Deaconess Nancy Smith
    Deaconess Doris Waiters
    Deaconess Polly Watson
    Deaconess Lonnell Williams
    Deaconess Chandra Motley